Thank You

Two words that can and two words that will.

It’s that simple sometimes.


The Cake

Me in Edgewater.png
I recently got a photo of me as a baby living in Edgewater,  Jamaica. It seems from the look of things, I was baking a cake. Probably a Christmas cake or what my family calls a black rum cake. Honestly, I wish I still had those baking skills.
Anyway, this photo made me think back to two pieces I wrote in my attempt to understand an encounter I had since moving to Georgia late last year. The encounter made me question why our society only see a person as either black or white; and from their point of view it determines how humane they choose to treat the person.
Not sure which piece fits this photo but from my most recent encounter, Ingredients Only may work better for this blog. Plus, it has been 9 months since I’ve posted anything on this blog, womanyouhaveavoice.
Ingredients Only😊❤️
By: Ingrid A Junor
My peers in Maryland would say Guurrl, you ain’t black enough, why? your butt ain’t big enough. Oh okay?
My relatives in Jamaica would say, yuh not Indian enough, why? your hair nuh straight enough and yuh Fada is a ‘black’ Man. So what, my Mom is Indian.
My initial passport would remind me, no not American enough, Caribbean enough, or Jamaican enough. My maiden name would indicate, Portuguese, but heck naw you are definitely NOT white.
My body structure before motherhood wasn’t thick enough nor thin enough. My skin’s hue was not light enough for some social circles; not dark enough for other social circles.
My hair is not natural enough, darn nowhere near straight enough, long enough, or short enough.
But you know, when I look in the mirror, one thing I do know, I am woman enough! I am grateful to have been able to nurse three children.  And from the look of things, I am human and definitely part of this journey we call life.
Moving forward, hopefully there are a few who can consider not looking on the outside when meeting another; but seeing all the ingredients that have been put together to make ‘The Cake’.

I’m Still Learning

IMG_6961What am I learning on my journey?

I’m learning I must let go to receive.

I’m learning that seeds do germinate in the dark.
I’m learning that feeling lonely doesn’t mean you’re alone.
I’m learning that tomorrow isn’t promised, so live in the moment.
I’m learning  it is best to say what you mean and mean what you say.
I’m learning it’s normal to feel frustrated at times.
And I’m learning, falling in love is simply just that.

Take Notes

By Ingrid A. Junor

Have you ever had an opportunity to watch or observe a butterfly evolving from its cocoon? It struggles, tugs and fights, then stops to breathe to catch a moment so it can further progress into its new form of being.  It is one remarkable and humbling experience to watch this so called helpless creature struggle to free itself from its compacted capsule, all while hanging from a single string. 

The natural human response is to help it free itself, not realizing that it is more than equipped to do so on its own, and any human interference will cause harm and damage. It takes restraint to watch as it struggles for freedom, this however, is the only way it can strenghten its wings.  And it takes humility, to sit patiently knowing that the butterfly will evolve as it was created to, this is one of the mysteries we call God. 

Maybe it’s a good lesson to apply to our own existence and life. Trust the transformative process in our lives. Everything and everyone has a purpose for us, even if they are at a distance, and not forget, we too have been given wings to strengthen, to evolve from our own ‘cocoons’, and to eventually propel into flight. 

When Less is More.

There is a saying, sometimes less is more. Well, that was certainly a relevant sentiment after my walk today.

After pushing through those few steps to complete my walking goal for the day and approaching my mark. I saw the sun piercing through the morning clouds and I had to whip out my camera phone in an attempt to capture the magnificent view in front of me.

Overcome with emotions, the only words that were able to come forth were these:  When we are going through a season, we can get so fixated on the circumstances, and oftentimes forget the Divine and the miracle He is. Best believe, the Divine has a way of nudging us to remind us He is always with us.

Be reminded. 😊

Love Moments

I’ve never seen a butterfly soar so high until now. 😊😍💕

This morning I decided to go on a walk so I could push myself and help with my restoration process from a recent car accident, not to injure myself anymore of course, just make sure I keep my body moving and assist with the healing process. As I was walking, and as though on cue, I looked up into to the sky only to see the most remarkable thing.  It was a magnificinet monarch butterfly soaring. As I kept looking up at her, she kept soaring higher and higher as though she knew she was being deeply admired. I was thoroughly amazed by her boldness to keep flying above the wind and fly even as high as some birds do. Honestly, that butterfly soaring scene stopped me in my tracks. I became immobilized watching the tiny creation soar beyond unimaginable heights and I just kept staring in awe at her tenacity to continue flying so high. I couldn’t help but stay in a moment that felt as though time had stood still.
Eventually, I realized I had to get back on my walk in order to be home in time for my physical therapy appointment. As I was walking and refelcting on what had transpired, I glanced over to my side just in time to see a beautiful butterfly land on the grass.  She opened her wings to show me how stunningly marvelous she is and her act reminded me that she didn’t start out her life this way, she had to evolve into her own glory.
For me, these moments are not coincidental. I consider these moments God moments, and this particular one reminds me of His ubiquitous nature and what I like to call His Love Moments.
You see, we may  have started off one way in life, but eventually we evolve into our own unique  glory. This glory is a Love Moment.💕😍


Being in the Moment


I am in my usual morning rush to get everyone to their respective places in a timely manner without any penalty of speeding tickets, tardy slips, or missed recesses. So, I took a detour that I knew quite well. It’s one that would allow for me to avoid traffic lights and avoid the many motorists who seem to not have been able to attain the right about of early morning jolt.

It was a very familiar route, I knew every turn, I anticipated every pothole, and maneuvered every bump with grace and ease. Actually, it is a route that I’ve driven with my eyes closed figuratively speaking of course. But it was one I had not gone through for sometime now. This route was through my old neighborhood and since moving from that neighborhood I had no reason to drive through there until today.

As I was driving, a most surreal thing occurred. Amidst all the rush to get through the neighborhood, I glanced into the sky and saw one of the most breath-taking sunrises I have seen in quite sometime. For an instance, a split second even, I felt I was caught into a moment that I can only refer to as a “majestic vortex”. It was quite a robust sunlight and it had managed to travel millions of miles to create a spectacular glow introducing a new day.

In my “majestic vortex” moment, I did something I never thought I would do, given the time constraints I was under. I pulled over onto the side of the street, I stopped my car, and used my phone to take a photo in an effort to capture the splendor of that sunrise. I convinced myself that this was a direct gift, one which spoke to me on so many levels, and that it is only honorable that I stop and simply admire the splendor and be in a moment.

I am actually glad I did that for no sooner that I had taken the photo and gotten back on my route trying to get everyone to their respective places, I glanced over my shoulder and noticed that the splendid sunrise was now being covered by gray passing clouds. As I watched the clouds cover the sunrise, I smiled for several reasons, the most noted was the reminder that despite my current circumstances, I have the gift of choice to stop whatever it is I am doing and simply, just be in the moment.